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So getting married is the biggest ride of your life, right? And you want to do something ‘out there’, a free spirited elopement Kerouac style? There’s a lot to be said for being a ‘Road Trip Bride’. Just you, your guy, a car, an adventure…no plan, just wherever the road takes you, a little bit of crazy. But what to wear? Road trip style is fun, sassy, quirky and full of attitude for a ‘fly by the seat of your pants girl’!

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Left, photo: I spy with my salad eyes, via pinterest
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Go for glitter, statement metallics, smokey lined eyes full of wanderlust, stars, bold clashing colours on nails and lips for a tiny hint of trash meets rockstar edge.

A wedding dress, by its definition, is a dress you wear to your wedding, there’s no reason why it needs to be the conventional dress as we know it! For the ‘turbo charged’ road trip bride you can go skip any trace of trad, be ‘Wild at Heart’ and wear a “statement of your individuality and belief in personal freedom” (like Sailor Ripley’s legendary snakeskin jacket in the David Lynch movie – see first and next mood shot by Tandem Photo featuring Modiste and Little Botanica.)

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Photo: Tandem Photo

Then there’s the French option, wedding dresses with attitude, by the amazing designer Rime Arodaky.
Road Trip Fashion
Dresses by Rime Arodaky

For sassy statement accessories, look no further than Charlotte Olympia and Vivienne Westwood for shoes. Charlotte’s sweet, glitter, comic, lip/kiss details are perfect for this look. And of course who could past the now iconic Vivienne Westwood ‘Lady Dragon with heart’ shoe. Pop colour veils are a must!

Road trip accessories
Shoes and bag by Charlotte Olympia
Photo: 100 Layer Cake, photo by Our Labor of Love

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Photo Claire Morris Photography via French Wedding Style

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Photo: via Pinterest

P.S don’t forget the tattoos!!
Road trip end
Photo by Tandem Photo

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